Ałła Raginis
She started her adventure with yoga over 20 years ago, and since then, she has been actively contributing to the activities of the Yoga School (Szkoła Jogi). Since 1992, she has constantly been practising yoga according to the BKS Iyengar method with the same enthusiasm.
In 1995, Ałła obtained her first teacher certificate of the Iyengar method teacher. Thanks to this, her teaching practice progressed to a certified level. She is the creator and co-creator of several workshops organised at the school's premises and outdoor.

Despite extensive knowledge supported by a certificate (the brand certificate is awarded by the Iyengar Yoga Association in Poland and confirms that a given teacher has the current authorisation to teach yoga according to the Iyengar method), she continues to regularly learn from the most qualified teachers of the yoga tradition in the world, including the Iyengar Institute in Puna, India.
th. 22-09-2022, 21:00
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