Andrzej Dragan
ANDRZEJ DRAGAN is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Warsaw and the National University of Singapore. He is also in charge of a research group dealing with combining the theory of relativity with quantum theory. Andrzej Dragan won several dozen awards for research, photography, film and music.
His achievements include the award Photographer of the Year of the British magazine Digital Camera, nomination for the Golden Lion at the Cannes advertising festival for the campaign for Converse and Energizer, and creation of the photo Dragan Effect, exhibitions taking place in Milan, London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo and display on the facade of the Palace of Culture in Warsaw. He is a winner of the Best in Show of the British magazine "Creative Review" and the Golden Sword of KTR for his debut film (Time Dilation), the main award of the London Film Festival (Face your mask), author of short films (HBO, Netflix) and music videos (Behemoth, Quebonafide). He was active in cracker groups as a teenager, and now he is shaking up the world of science. In 2020, together with Professor Artur Ekert (Nobel Prize nominee), he published the work Quantum Relativity, which may turn out to be a breakthrough in the understanding of quantum phenomena. He has never had a coffee.
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