Marcin Kydryński - photography exhibition
wd. 21-09-2022, 18:00
level 4. Gallery
Every year, an inseparable part of MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival are exhibitions that gather a large audience interested in art. This year, thanks to the unique photographs of Marcin Kydryński, the permeating harmony of the festival will also be present at the Level 4 Gallery.
Exhibitions have been an integral part of the MDF Festival since the first edition in 2018. The spacious gallery is then filled with works by Polish and foreign artists referring to the theme of the given edition. The white room filled with light shining through the geometric roof becomes a plastic space that is shaped by the works and objects placed in it.

This year, the Level 4 Gallery will once again become a meeting place with art, thanks to an exhibition of photographs by Marcin Kydryński - a music journalist and owner of one of the most recognisable radio voices. He is also a composer, songwriter, producer, writer, traveller and photographer. He is referred to as a true Renaissance man for a reason. The last two passions will bring him to Szczecin, where he will present photographs from his travels.

Kydryński learned the art of photography from the best, including Tomasz Tomaszewski, the master of press photography. For 30 years, he has been travelling around Africa, photographing people and landscapes, and his watchful eye can capture the extraordinary beauty of the "black land".

"The world has changed at an unprecedented pace in history. We all take photographs today – someone with a Leica, another with a phone. It does not mean that the one with Leica will do better. Photography is made in the head. It is a proof of our sensitivity to reality; it is a gift of careful vision". [M. Kydryński]

This sensitivity and awareness can be seen perfectly in the works of Kydryński. As an excellent observer, he gives us thought-provoking images from a distant continent. It provides us with harmonious compositions that combine the beauty of nature, people and their everyday life with the hardships and brutality still tormenting African countries.

Source of the quote:
Marcin Kydryński