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Audiovisual modular installation with AR
Philharmonic space
The modular audiovisual installation, which will appear in the Philharmonic's spaces during the MDF Festival, is a four-stage journey through a fragment of the Solar System. The creative duo of ELEKTRO MOON VISION – Elwira Wojtunik and Popesz Csaba Láng – used image, light, AR technology and music based on authentic sounds of space made available by NASA. Everyone will be able to experience the extraordinary harmony flowing straight from the celestial bodies.
Does space make sounds? After all, we know that sound waves do not travel in outer space, so the answer that comes to mind is – no, the cosmos does not make sounds. However, this is not entirely true. Thanks to advanced technologies, NASA scientists record electromagnetic waves accompanying the movement of celestial bodies. These waves can be translated into sounds that the human ear can recognise. So Pythagoras was right when he said that the harmonious movement of the planets causes the formation of sounds that are inaudible to humans.

These "sounds of the cosmos" recorded by scientists from NASA formed the basis for the musical layer of the multisensory experience of the harmony of the cosmos. The project is accompanied by an ambient / drone musical composition composed especially for this occasion by the Iranian artist Ali Phi. The artist used authentic sounds provided by NASA.

The audiovisual modular installation, which can be explored in the Philharmonic spaces, consists of four active audiovisual modules. Light paths will guide us through sounds and music in the solar system, the sonic relationship between the Earth and its moon and star – the sun. We will learn little-known facts from the life of these celestial bodies and their harmonious connections and common points. The augmented reality technology will connect the real world with virtual objects to learn about and better experience the harmony of the celestial spheres.
Elwira Wojtunik & Popesz Csaba Láng
Ali Phi