Illumination of the building
wd. 21-09-2022, 21:00
th. 22-09-2022, 21:00
fr. 23-09-2022, 21:00
sa. 24-09-2022, 21:00
sn. 25-09-2022, 21:00
Illumination show
Philharmonic / city space
The fifth edition of the MDF Festival is an excellent opportunity to present to the public and residents of Szczecin the unique lighting possibilities that the facade of the Philharmonic building has. Therefore, we invite you every evening for the five days of the festival to see it for yourselves.
The building of the Philharmonic in Szczecin is one of the most characteristic buildings in the country and the world. Contrasting with the urban space, the white building has been awarded many times in competitions, including the 2015 European Union Mies van der Rohe Prize in the Contemporary Architecture Contest, also known as the "architectural Nobel". The illuminated facade – white daily and illuminated with colour on special occasions – adds to the uniqueness and magic of the project by the Spanish architects.

All the lighting possibilities of the building's facade were presented for the first time during the first edition of the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival in 2018. Then, we could see the Philharmonic pulsating with colourful light mirages. Daily shows of illumination have become part of the MDF, becoming every year one of the elements of the festival awaited by the audience, tourists and residents of Szczecin.

It will be no different during the fifth jubilee edition of the MDF Festival. The white facade of the most beautiful building in Europe will once again become a canvas on which we will paint light pictures. Harmonious architecture is permeated with harmony – not only inside but also outside.

We invite you for five days of the festival every day from 20:00 to midnight.