MESSAGES QUARTET & SADOWSKI | Interdimensional dialogue
sa. 24-09-2022, 20:00
What is the meaning of harmony in music? What was it once? And what is it today? Does music in the 21st century resonate with the heritage of our ancestors and draw from its origins? These questions were asked by the interns participating in the international Music.Multimedia.Management project whose task was to create one of the events of the MDF Festival from scratch.
The fifth edition of MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival is a harmony of sounds, images and thoughts. The participants of the international training project entitled Music.Multimedia.Management., which was initiated and organised by the Philharmonic in Szczecin, tried to capture its idea. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and experience, they could look at the subject of harmony in music in a comprehensive way to plan and implement one of the festival concerts – both from the conceptual and purely technical sides. A musical meeting with harmony throughout history will be the culmination of both the festival Saturday and the two-year work and training of young people as part of the MMM project.

The young apprentices found inspiration to create the concert in the String Quartet No. 3 by Szymon Laks – a piece written during the composer's liberation from the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. The author instinctively turned to folk melodies, seeking solace and a language for the new times in them. Folk, resonating in the very cradle of humanity, is actually able to bear the burden of inter-genre, independent dialogue, thus becoming a basis for reflection on the future. Szymon Laks noticed this dependence, which now, together with Messages Quartet and Grzegorz Sadowski, who is a Szczecin Philharmonic and ExQuartet member, the M.M.M. interns want to enrich with a cosmological order – the folk dimension of culture will always be intertwined with the experimental, electronic one. The harmony of dialogue between them will exist forever, as the musicians will remind in their confronted arrangement.
Grzegorz Sadowski