The Roots of Sound | The Ancient Harmony of the Forest
sn. 25-09-2022, 12:00
Chamber hall
During the fifth edition of the MDF Festival, children will also be able to experience harmony. This year, EduFilharmonia has prepared a Saturday meeting with the harmony of the forest for young music lovers. They will seek it with the artists among the forest flora and fauna.
Trees are the greatest allies of life on our planet – they produce oxygen, store water, and regulate temperature. They are the most valuable and complex ecosystems on Earth. Their natural symbiosis with other species of plants and animals is an example of delightful natural harmony.

On Saturday morning, we will turn the chamber hall into a forest and go for a walk. Its direction will be determined by the sounds of forest fauna and flora – singing birds, rustling tree crowns, shimmering forest streams and squirrels rummaging in the bushes. Will we encounter obstacles in the forest that we will have to deal with on our own? Yes. After this walk, will we be the same people we were before entering the forest thicket? No, because the forest is in constant motion, and we change with it.

We invite you to discover the roots of sound and the unusual, ancient harmony of the forest together.
Przemysław Degórski
Agata Kolasińska