The fifth edition of the MDF Festival starts on September 21st!
Since the first edition in 2018, the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival has eluded the definitions and conventional perception of festivals and a philharmonic as an institution. At the Philharmonic in Szczecin, we blurred the boundaries between the fields of art: we combined genres, and we collided styles to create innovative events that fall outside traditional categories. Nevertheless, the form has always been a common denominator for us, which harmoniously united all the elements of the festival: music, design, architecture, modern technologies, or even a lifestyle, approach and perception of the world around us.
The fifth jubilee edition of the MDF Festival provokes reflection in terms of summaries and the search for new inspirations and media. Exploring the world on various levels attracts people and gives endless possibilities to create artistic events. The festival is perceived here as a multidimensional, harmonious space for meetings with art, people, and oneself. It is HARMONY that constitutes the idea around which we have built this year's edition of the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival.

We owe the concept of harmony in music to Pythagoras. It was in music that the philosopher saw the reflection of nature. He argued that the world was created according to the principles of musical proportions. Planets, he said, move in harmonious order at distances corresponding to musical intervals while producing perfectly coherent and ordered sounds (although inaudible to humans). Pythagoras was convinced that the structure of the universe was reflected in music like in a mirror.

This mathematical harmony of the world and music in the Pythagorean approach became the inspiration for the fifth edition of the MDF festival. Order and chaos, day and night, femininity and masculinity, sacred and profane – harmony contains all the adversities. Today, its understanding differs as people differ. Invariably for thousands of years, the natural space for reflection on its essence is art in all its varieties.

Therefore, a specific symbol of this year's edition of the MDF Festival is the mandala – the graphic representation of the spiritual path of meditation derived from the Far East tradition. It is an imaginary map that leads us to find the harmony of mind and spirit, to harmonise ourselves, like a violin, with the eternal order of the universe. We believe that in the hustle and bustle of modern civilisation, in its unrestrained drive towards undefined goals, the search for harmony has become more necessary than ever before.

MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival will once again become a space for reflection and measuring one's ideas about harmony with the vision of the invited artists. The unusual and harmonious architecture of the Philharmonic in Szczecin building will be filled with concerts of Polish and foreign stars, an exhibition, a discussion forum and multimedia installations. The five festival days of the fifth edition will be filled with a harmony of sounds, images and creative thoughts.
01-05-2022, 14:39:33